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Computer Workshops

  • All courses are available at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels

  • Current on all new releases

  • Flexible timeframes 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, days, evenings and weekends (most popular format is our 6 hour class)

  • TTS supports all prominent software packages or will design courses for specialized software applications

  • Designed to increase employee and business productivity

  • Student guides, exercises, important tips and shortcuts

  • A Lab Assistant for additional student support

  • Every individual is unique - Every workshop a personal investment

  • TTS has the ability to bring the classroom to you.  If you have a conference room, we have the laptops and projector to set up a professional computer training class at your location.

Introduction to MS Windows - This class is ideally suited for the beginner or as a refresher using the new Windows environment. The focus of this class is on using the normal controls in Windows the mouse, drop-down menus and short cuts. In this class you will learn to use the mouse, when to use the right mouse button or the left mouse button, when to single click and when to double click. Work with dialog boxes, move them around the screen and resize. You will build proficiency by operating several application programs WordPad, Paint, and Calculator. Explore the purpose of the other programs MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access and maybe the Internet. Learn the consistencies within Windows Programs

Advanced MS Windows - This class is intended for current users of Windows and would like to explore the environment in more detail. The focus of this class is on directory and file management using Windows Explorer and using the Systems tools available. In this class you will learn to create directories and manage your files. Create shortcuts to programs or completed work; customize your operating environment. Explore and customize the Properties for the desktop and Taskbar, split screens to work between multiple documents and share information between Programs. Use advanced FIND features to locate anything. You will build proficiency by creating your own wallpaper for the Desktop and surf the NET to customize your screen. Learn how to install Programs or run them from another drive. Explore the components within the Control Panel to add new hardware or software and create personalized menus.

Introduction to MS Word - The focus of this class is to create business or personal correspondence using MS Word. Learn the basic functions within a word processor and what features are available. This class emphasizes document creation, editing, proofing and printing. You will use efficient methods to create and edit documents and get the most out of the writing tools such as spell check, grammar check, word correct and the thesauruses. Modify the appearance of your document by using tabs, changing margins, adjusting paper size and incorporating other fonts, bold, italicize, underline and color. You will build proficiency by creating your own document, editing pre-existing documents, saving, opening and printing. Learn how to incorporate bullets and numbers, 5 methods to CUT/ PASTE or COPY/ PASTE.

Advanced MS Word - Learn the advanced functions within MS Word. The focus of this class is to work with specialized documents such as: Templates, parallel columns, newspaper columns, working with the TABLES function, work and play with clipart. Learn how to customize bullets, numbers and outlines. Incorporate headers and footers; create logos, flyers and brochures.

Introduction to PowerPoint - This class is intended for users of who have a need to create presentations using bulleted charts and graphs. The focus of this class is to use the features within PowerPoint to create professional presentations within a short amount of time. You will build proficiency by creating your own presentation consisting of Bulleted Charts, Pie Charts and Bar Graphs. Insert clipart to draw attention to important thoughts and ideas. Work with Transition and Build effects to add pizzazz to your presentation.

Advanced PowerPoint - This class is intended for users of PowerPoint who would like to take their presentation to the next level. The focus of this class is to use the advanced features within PowerPoint to create professional presentations. In this class you will explore the multiple things you can do with clipart (size it, move it, recolor it, tear it apart, combine it, distort it) then use it in any other program you would like. Work with the MASTER Slides to add consistency with every department presentation. Use the draw feature to add maps or images. Play with animation effects or add sounds or videos. Add automatic timings to really dazzle your students.

Introduction to MS Access - This class is intended for individuals who deal with large amounts of data. MS Access will allow you to manage this data and provide sorts, queries and reports to manage various aspects of the business. The focus of this class is to explore and exercise the purpose and functions within a database and use the data to maximize business operations. Learn how to create a database, input information using several methods and generate queries.

Advanced MS Access - This class is intended for individuals who want to maximize their interaction with a database. Learn the advanced features, create macros and generate simple and complex reports. Learn linking, importing, exporting, macros and more.

Introduction to MS Excel - This class is intended for individuals who need to manage the financial aspects of a small business or an office environment. MS Excel provides spreadsheet functions to control, track and analyze business operations mathematical functions. The focus of this class is to demonstrate the value of a spreadsheet and exercise the available features within MS Excel. In this class you will explore the purpose of spreadsheets in a business environment, become comfortable with a spreadsheet layout, create a spreadsheet and enter data. Students will also learn how to edit an existing spreadsheet and develop formulas to produce reports. Simple graphs will be constructed to view spreadsheet data.

Advanced MS Excel- This class is intended for individuals who need to maximize spreadsheet operations. Let MS Excel provide you with forecasting and projection capabilities. Learn how to link different areas within a spreadsheet or link multiple spreadsheets together. Build complex worksheets and use logic statements to direct the flow of calculations. Use Excel as a flat file database and combine sorting with graphing.

Internet Basics - This class is intended for everyone who has an interest in the Internet. Explore the world in just hours. Navigate Homepages, shop on the Web, search the World, download anything and then E-Mail your friends.

Introduction To MS Outlook  - This class will explore the capabilities within Outlook.  Learn how to use an email program and create address books and nicknames, explore the calendar functions and learn how to schedule one time events or recurring events.  Navigate Outlook and practice attaching documents to send over the NET.  Find out how to compress and decompress files for ease of  transfer.

Introduction to MS FrontPage - NEW!!! - Create a Homepage!!.  Learn the basics of homepage design using one of the most popular design tools.  Topics include:  Internet basics, creating, customizing and  editing a homepage, adding graphics, sounds, banners and animation.  Design homepages for maximum impact and ease of display with tools that add pizzazz to your page.   Explore options for hosting your page on a site and maintaining that page over the Internet.

We just have too many classes to list.  If you don't see what you are looking for -
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