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During the past 20 years TTS has instructed over 5,000 professional development seminars throughout the United States.


In the Tucson area, TTS has supported the City of Tucson contract for computer applications training for the past 8 years, with 3 consecutive contract awards – competing for the first and earning the next 2 contracts.  

We have earned that business by being the premier training provider, supporting each class with patient instructors, business professionals, Subject Matter Experts, who are Training Professionals. We would like to earn that same position with your company. 

“Our location or Yours”

Training and Scheduling Considerations

When considering computer training, you should plan scheduling courses in a specific sequence.  The following sequence, for the most part, presumes that you need to understand your version of Microsoft Windows (OS) and are preparing to use all, or some of the Microsoft Office (MS) software applications.

MS Windows – Manages your computer's operations and coordinates your programs

MS Word – Creating correspondence such as form letters, memos, manuals, or labels

MS Excel – Performing mathematical calculations, creating spreadsheets and charts

MS Access – Designing and utilizing a database, including queries, forms and reports

MS PowerPoint –To create electronic presentations as visual aids or printed material in a presentation manner

Other standard programs to consider in your scheduling are:

MS Outlook – internal email and calendar programs

MS Project – project management tool

Crystal Reports* – data report generating program

 Starting with MS Windows (Operating System) and a word processor (MS Word) is the best possible way to prepare for other computer courses.  Additional courses should be selected and scheduled per your specific job requirements.

Recommended Sequence

MS Windows
MS Word
MS Outlook
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
MS Access
MS Project
Crystal Reports*


Main Telephone number      (520) 721-2274
Secondary Line                    (520) 721-2294
Fax number                          (520) 721-2442
Classroom – 1690 N. Stone  (520) 721-2274
TTS Cellular number            (520) 419-3056
Email support – Primary


Current Schedule


Course Offerings

MS Office Application Training

Length:    Full Day Workshops - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Cost:        $140.00 per student
Location: 1690 N. Stone Ave.  Suite #101, Tucson, Arizona

 Introductory Series

Computer Basics
A+ Preparation

MS Windows Series

Understanding MS Windows and Its Shortcuts
Optimizing Your Computing Environment

MS Word Series

Quick & Easy Documents Efficient Font, Paragraph, Page & Document Formatting
Forms, Templates, Macros & Mail Merge

 MS Excel Series

Building Spreadsheets in a Flash
Formulas, Linking, Basic charts & Databases
More Than Basic Charts
LookUp & Conditional Functions

MS Access Series

Fundamentals of Database Design
Queries – Roadmap to Results
Creating Custom Forms
Creating Custom Reports
Importing/Exporting Data – Managing Database Relationships

MS PowerPoint Series

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations
Incorporate Multi-Media & Customizing Templates
Training Techniques and Presentation Skills

MS Project Series

Creating & Organizing Your Project
Managing a Successful Project

MS Outlook Series

Managing Your Email Accounts
Contacts, Calendars & Communications

MS Office Series

Integrating Applications – Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint

Special Interest Series

Crystal Reports * (two day session)
Visual Basic for Applications
Fundamentals of Database Design
SQL Fundamentals
Networking Fundamentals

*at your location

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