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Customized Course Development


Courses are developed using the results of a Needs Assessment and Task Analysis. Courses are designed and developed specifically for your organization, at prices below what you would expect to pay for "off the shelf" courses. TTS workshops are:

  • Designed to meet your specifications
  • Directly portable to your business applications
  • Developed to the audienceís level of competency
  • Designed to facilitate a significant learning event every 15 minutes

Course Material is developed consistent with your internal coursework and includes:


Course Descriptions

Instructor Guides

Measurement Tools

Training Aids

Course Objectives

Student Guides

Evaluation Sheets

Audio Visuals

The Student Guide contains:


List of Objectives

Sample Documentation

Assignment Work Sheets

Lecture/Discussion Notes



Additional References

Summary Section

Update Your Existing Course Material

Perhaps not a new course, just adding the most current information:

  • Incorporate New Methods of Instruction or Delivery
  • Verify Course Objectives are Still Relevant
  • Incorporate a Systems Approach to Training
  • Apply Adult Learning Principles
  • Provide Measurement Tools
  • Incorporate New Technologies

Donít settle for a generic solution to your unique needs. TTS provides solid fundamentals; you add the flavor!


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