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Professional Development Workshops

"Workshops designed to challenge and develop your employees"

Every Organization has unique Employee and Management development requirements. These courses can be instructed as stand-alone courses or combined to create a customized program tailored to meet your specific business needs. Each workshop consists of student activities, case studies and role-plays.

Workshops are conducted at your location and are available in a variety of scheduling formats.

Professional Development – Full Length Courses

Employee Development To remain competitive in today’s environment it is essential to develop the resources within our companies. Develop the employee base to take on additional responsibility and prepare them to meet tomorrow’s challenges. The success of your company tomorrow will depend upon the resources you develop today. Topics include: goal setting, business communications, completed staff work, drafting correspondence and leadership principles.

Leadership Principles Our company’s most valuable asset is its Human Resources. It is imperative that we as managers, supervisors and team leaders tap the potential that exists within our employee population. To do this, our leaders must understand their role within the organization. This workshop will concentrate on the skills that will enhance and develop your planning, organization and interpersonal skills. Topics include: traits of an effective leader, project management, planning and organization, time management, problem solving decision making, delegating assignments and providing direction and motivation.

Management Concepts Will our toolbox of technical suffice in moving the company forward? Our technical skills will assist us in making the best technical decisions we can, but what about the remainder of your job -–personnel management, moving the company forward etc… This workshop will provide the students with a new toolbox of skills, skills that allow the management team an opportunity to manage the business and ensure its success. Topics include: performance planning, career development, performance management, counseling strategic planning, project planning and budgeting.

Professional Development – Short Courses

Goal Setting This workshop will concentrate on providing the students with a focused approach to take ownership of their lives and career, The students will generate goals to facilitate the development of their careers, Additionally, the students will assess their personal and technical strengths and weaknesses, develop a career plan, identify education and training requirements to assist them in fulfilling their aspirations and construct contingency plans to adapt to changes.

Business Communications This workshop will provide the students with the skills required to effectively communicate in a business setting. Topics include: drafting correspondence, fundamentals of customer service, active listening , professionalism and business maturity.

Completed Staff Work The scope of this course is to provide the students the skills needed to accept an assignment and follow the assignment through to completion. Topics include: requirements for delegating an assignment, problem solving, documenting results and preparing business cases and presentations.

Presentation Skills This workshop will provide the student with the essentials required to conduct effective presentation. Topics include: instructor responsibilities, classroom management, preparation techniques and Adult Learning Principles.

Management Presentations This course will explore the differences between classroom instruction and conducting a management presentation. A blend between Presentation Skills a and Completed Staff Work

Leadership Principles This course will provide an overview of leadership principles to include: responsibilities, attributes planning and organization, delegating assignments, teamwork, providing direction and motivation.

Decision Making The scope of this course is to provide the students with a decision-making process. Topics include: problem identification, problem definition, assessing risks contingency planning and follow-up.

Professionalism This course will concentrate on the additional responsibilities that one accepts when being promoted to an exempt position. Topics include: business conduct, intrapenuership, completed staff work and business maturity.

Delegation this course provides the student with a step by step approach to delegate an assignment. Topics include: communicating expectations, identifying standards, providing direction, identifying resources and proper feedback and follow-up procedures.

Motivation It is becoming increasing more difficult to motivate a work force with everyone taking on additional responsibility. This course will identify and discuss methods to recharge and encourage participation within the organization.

Time Management this course will assist the students in taking control of their life and maximize their valuable time. Topics include: setting priorities, goal setting, managing time and exploring various time management tools.

Conducting Meetings Have you been to a less than productive meeting lately? This class will provide the students with the ability to conduct or participate in meeting that won’t be a waste of time. Topics include: scheduling, developing an agenda, organization of thoughts, presenting material, developing objectives and setting expectations.

Adaptive Management This course will assist the students in relating to diverse individuals and different situations. Topics include: communication styles, active listening, assessing strengths and weaknesses and developing resources.

Performance Management This course will assist the students with managing the performance of their employees. This includes managing poor performers and the ideal employee. Topics include: assessing contributions, providing feedback, documenting performance issues, coaching and counseling.

Performance Planning This course will assist the student in setting expectations for their employees. Topics include: identifying job content, writing job descriptions, communicating expectations and performance standards.

Coaching and Counseling 90% of a manager’s time should be spent on these activities. Topics include: when to coach and when to counsel, identifying resources developing employees, assessing job performance and team building.

Career Development For our companies to be competitive it is essential that we develop our internal resources. Most companies promote career development yet do not provide the management team with the unique tools they require to orchestrate the process. Topics include: development options, training and educational requirements, identifying potential, special assignments and staging the development process.

Guiding and Developing Others A course deigned for managers and supervisors who are responsible for orchestrating the career development process. Many companies support an internal development program for their employees, this course provides the manager with the tools and resources required to implement the program on an individual basis. Topics include: performance planning, identifying potential, training and educational resources, developing individuals to meet the company’s long-term strategies and coordinating special assignments.

Leadership By Example A course designed for first-line supervisors and managers. This course concentrates on the transition from worker to manager. Topics include: open communications, teamwork, responsibilities, management styles, and the manager as a resource, coaching performance and the manager as an integral part of the team.


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