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Advanced PowerPoint

This class is intended for users of PowerPoint who would like to take their presentation to the next level. The focus of this class is to use the advanced features within PowerPoint to create professional presentations.

In this class you will explore the multiple things you can do with clipart (size it, move it, recolor it, tear it apart, combine it, distort it) then use it in any other program you would like. Work with the MASTER Slides to add consistency with every department presentation. Use the draw feature to add maps or images. Play with animation effects or add sounds or videos. Add automatic timings to really dazzle your students.


  • Review of Basics
  • Working with the MASTER SLIDE
  • Working with the NOTES MASTER
  • Adding page numbers and Headers/Footers
  • Incorporating LOGOS
  • The DRAW feature
  • More on Graphing
  • Changing Color Schemes
  • Changing Defaults
  • Work extensively with Clipart
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Creating Templates
  • Timing your Presentation
  • Create your own Colors
  • Work with Shading and Patterns
  • Presentation Skills and Training Techniques


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