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Advanced MS Windows

This class is intended for current users of Windows and would like to explore the environment in more detail. The focus of this class is on directory and file management using Windows Explorer and using the Systems tools available. In this class you will learn to create directories and manage your files. Create shortcuts to programs or completed work; customize your operating environment. Explore and customize the Properties for the desktop and Taskbar, split screens to work between multiple documents and share information between Programs. Use advanced FIND features to locate anything.

You will build proficiency by creating your own wallpaper for the Desktop and surf the NET to customize your screen. Learn how to install Programs or run them from another drive. Explore the components within the Control Panel to add new hardware or software and create personalized menus.


  •  Adding New Hardware

  •  Installing Software

  •  Running games or Programs

  •  Work in Window’s Explorer

    • Create Shortcuts

    • Move Files

    • Copy Files

    • Create Directories

    • Shortcut Techniques

    • Hiding Files

    • Working with Properties

  •  Create your own Wallpaper in MS Paint

  •  Adding items to the START Menu

  •  Creating Shortcuts to Programs or Files

  •  Work between multiple Windows

  •  Changing System Parameters

  •  Work with Systems Tools

  •  Scandisk

  •  Defrag

  •  Resources

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