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The Instructor

Our instructors have developed approaches to lead the student toward success, rather than confusion. We know how to introduce and coach topics in such a way as to practically ensure student success. As training professionals, we incorporate a consistent approach for each topic and concept:

  • Training Professional
  • Minimum of 5 years Classroom Instruction Experience
  • Instructors - We are the "Subject Matter Experts"
  • We apply adult learning principles in the classroom and maintain excellent classroom management techniques:
  • Having a full agenda
  • Incorporate Adult Learning Principles
  • Maximum interaction with students
  • Applicable exercises and examples
  • Subject-Matter experts as Instructors
  • Tailoring the courseware for the students


The Lab Assistant

The majority of the workshops we schedule with private industry clients, normally maintain an enrollment between 10 and 15 students. We provide an assistant teacher (Lab Assistant) who is responsible for spotting student difficulties and coaching students so that they can continue with the workshop exercises. The Lab Assistant monitors the student’s progress in each of the exercises and provides suggestions to get the student back on track – they do not teach.

The Lab Assistant additionally acts as a second set of eyes in the classroom, providing immediate feedback to the Instructor, this includes: the pace of the class, student’s level of comprehension, students experiencing difficulties with an exercise – allowing the instructor to provide additional details or instructions to the class. The Instructor will direct the Lab Assistant, to work with an individual student who has fallen behind or requires additional attention, so that the Instructor can continue with the instruction for the remainder of the class.

Additionally, we have noticed that when a Lab Assistant is available in the classroom, the students are more likely to ask questions – because they recognize the level of support that TTS offers. The student is less likely to be apprehensive about asking for assistance by calling the Lab Assistant over to ask a question.

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